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Practicing lawyers may have high income scales but, due to the long work hours, no vacations and little to no work/life balance they are vulnerable to stress and unhappiness. While the reasons of unhappiness and stress may vary between new and established lawyers, due to lack of income and other pressures, the opinions expressed here in can prove to be helpful to all.  Psychologists are of the opinion that if we inculcate atleast three of the below habits, there are 80% less chances of being unhappy and depressed. 

1. Leaving work at work place

All the lawyers talk about this but are never able to leave their work behind at the offices. The nature of lawyers is such that they will keep thinking and contradicting themselves about something until they’re able to reach to a conclusion that could prove to be useful to their client. Even though, this could help them earn more money, it would ruin their family life and cause unhappiness and stress. 

Once the door of the office is shut, whatever thoughts you had there, whatever pending work you had been thinking about or whatever schedule you have planned for the next day should stay there. The only thing that can help you in doing so is by writing down what’s on your mind and important in order to continue from where you left on the following day. 

2. Giving time to yourself and family 

Lawyers are working from 9 am till their work is complete. The usual timings when lawyers leave their office vary between 9 pm to 3 am. However, what they often forget is that they also require to spend time with themselves and their family to maintain their mental well being. 

The most important time of the day is when you as a person sit alone with yourself and spend sometime with yourself. Each evening sit back with a glass of coffee and talk to yourself, read your thoughts, channelise your energy and more importantly in the last 10 minutes from the hour, of plan your next day. 

3. Vacation 

Even though a vacation is considered as an expense by many, it is extremely important for your mental development and relaxation. A vacation once every six months is not only important for your happiness, it’s also important for your personal growth as a lawyer. 

4. Set achievable targets 

Setting achievable targets helps in reducing stress and unhappiness in the event where the targets cannot be met. To keep yourself motivated you should always over achieve. Set lower targets in the starting and then grow on a 10x level by challenging yourself by going all in. 

5. Exercise

Never go without exercising for more than 3 days. Treat your body like a temple, give it a minimum of 10 minutes a day where you work on it. Simply put on the music and dance for 10 minutes and look at how happy you become after those 20 minutes. 

Hope to see you all being happy lawyers. 

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