About Alankar

The Past:

I maybe young, but age has just given me a head start as an entrepreneur. During my high school I was fascinated with entrepreneurship and built my first website when I was just 12, after which I became a freelance photographer and worked as one till the year 2011. My love for the corporate world grew when I became a part of the Junior Achievement Company Programme. As a group we formed a company, occupied different positions and carried out tasks in production, marketing, accounting, etc.I also attended the Next Generations Leaders Forum in the year 2011 where efforts won us the Social Responsibility Award for the initiatives and solutions that we advised.

When I joined law school, I noticed that there was no online portal where students could visit, use legal resources like bare-acts and case laws for free. Thus, in september 2013, The Suits was born as a portal offering free legal, taxation and business resources and advice. Soon after and without any advertisements we were reaching to over 30,000 users a day, helping not only law students but also professional lawyers. During my internships, I realised that the legal sector was too unorganised. The lawyers were charging too high while keeping their clients in the dark regarding the status of their work,so in 2015 I created a full fledged portal offering legal document drafting at an affordable price.

My drive to build new companies did not stop here. In October 2015, I started working on a portal that provides legal document templates at prices that were affordable to everyone. www.draftit.co offered lawyer drafted legal documents starting from Rs.49/-.

The Present:

Presently, I am working as a practicing lawyer in the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh and various other Judicial and Quasi-Judicial Courts across the country. Having worked with clients from India, Canada, United States, Costa Rica, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, etc. I love to advice and help start-ups and businesses build their brands by registering their intellectual properties and draft documents and policies for them.

Alankar Narula