Agreement Drafting Made Easy

Draft an agreement without a lawyer, starting today!

The only book a non lawyer will ever need to understand the contents of an agreement, eliminating the need for paying a lawyer to draft the agreement.

This concise book talks about the clauses that are mandatory while making you understand the importance of various parts of an agreement.




Basic Legal Information for a Start-Up.

Learn how you can start your business, today!

So you’ve heard a lot about Kinds of Incorporation, Intellectual Property, Legal Documents, but aren’t sure about any of it.

Well, now is the time to discover the legal requirements to start and grow your business.

With this guide, you’ll learn :

  • What kind of incorporation to choose? Their benefits and shortcomings.
  • Registration of Intellectual Property
  • Important Legal Documents


Legal Documents for an Internet Entrepreneur

This book is intended for start-up enthusiasts and businessmen who are fond of all have launched an online start-up and are looking for various websites policies but are on a tight budget.


This book and the chapters ahead contains sample documents/policies which the entrepreneur can either use as it is or edit them as per their product/website/application.